Valentine’s day is on Sunday <3 yes the month of looooove is here, and for many of us girls, this means going on a date night with that special someone 😉 I’ve seen a lot of posts about how men do not actually like girls who wear a lot of make-up. So while we all cut back on the amount of make-up we wear on a day-to-day basis, Valentine’s dates are one of those special occasions where you can doll up and look your best! 🙂

My advice on doing your make-up for this evening would be to follow one of Lauren Curtis’s tutorials. She does full tutorials for a variety of occasions, and she has make-up specific for problem areas, eye colours and various other features 🙂


The outfit that I would choose to wear, and that has become very popular around the world, is a play suit or jump suit 😀 I specifically love colourful, lacey play suits and the Boho style play suits. If you feel too dressed-up or don’t own any play suits, the next favourite outfit of mine are high waisted pencil skirts and a crop top or a cute dress 🙂

I do hope that you all have someone special spoiling you tomorrow <3 Even if it is a family member, good friend or romantic relationship 🙂



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