While watching super rugby on this lovely day in South Africa, I decided to do some DIY that I’ve been wanting to share with you all for a while now…

Do you have any old shirts in your wardrobe that you never wear? I know I do 😛 So instead of turning them into household rags, or getting rid of them, why not make yourself a fancy new gym shirt 😀

Here is how I made my ‘new’ shirt:

Step one: find a shirt that you never wear, and don’t mind cutting up 😉

Step 2: cut a deep semi-circle into the back of the shirts neck line.

Step 3: cut a horizontal line about half way down the back of the shirt, be careful to make the cut behind the seems on the sides of the shirt to ensure it doesn’t unravel.

Step 4: Pull the two ends of the cut pieces into the middle to form the bow, use scrap material from the first semi-circle to form the middle of the bow.

(Use a needle and thread to sew the middle of the bow over the material in the middle.)

Step 5: cut both sleeves off to have a tank top look. Ensure you don’t cut the inner seams of the top to make sure the sleeves don’t unravel.

Step 6: sew scrap pieces around the top of the tank-top sleeves to create a ‘Knot’ look.

And there you go 🙂 I made two bows at the back of my shirt, to do this you repeat step 4! This is super easy and actually a lot of fun to do 😛

IMG_4125 So next time you want to buy new gym clothes, try making your own and save money 🙂 I know I love to go and buy new gym gear, but making my own makes me feel just as excited about wearing it as new clothes do 😛

Happy Saturday everyone <3



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