Many people don’t know the difference between ‘smart-casual, semi-formal and formal’ in the world of dress-codes 😛 . Now, I am no fashion police, but one of my pet peeves, are people who don’t follow a dress code 🙁 It is simply rude to disregard someone’s dress code, be it at work or for at a function. So to help those of us who don’t understand the fashion lingo, I’m going to break it down for you 😛



Ladies – smart-casual for us means NO jeans/slip-slops/unbrushed hair or no makeup on/anything that you would ‘chill’ in 😛 . Usually smart for ladies means wearing a smart blouse with a pencil skirt or a cocktail dress. Heel’s are not a must, but dressed-up flats or wedges will do. Some accessories are always a good idea when going to a smart event, no over-the-top necklaces or bracelets are expected, but a pair of elegant earrings will do.



Gentlemen – smart-casual for you means NO shorts/slip-slops/t-shirts/hoodies. Generally men are not expected to wear a suit and tie to a smart event, but they are expected to wear some sort of long pants with a golf shirt, or a button-up shirt. Shoe’s are generally sneakers or dress shoe’s, but please leave the slops at home! 😉



If you are going to a semi-formal event, that is a whole other ball game! Semi-formal implies that ladies MUST wear heels and a dress (short or long) with accessories, and men MUST wear a jacket with their outfit, no jeans allowed at these events! 🙂 Formal event’s are those where the ladies wear long gown dresses and men wear suits, in other words, all the gala events and life-time events such as weddings.

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I hope this helps you with deciding which outfit to wear to event’s you are invited too 😛


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