Hello Fitfam! 😛 I hope you have been killing your workouts this week 😉 So it’s already April, where has all the time gone? I know that for some of us, winter is coming, and that means cold, rainy days and dark mornings. How will you stay motivated to get up and workout? I have just the thing 😉

I have a nifty little DIY, motivation craft that you can do over the weekend, or even one afternoon after work. It’s called “The Workouts Done” Board. I know that staying motivated can be a problem for some of us when winter arrives, but if you have something to check off on a list, then you will have more intention of doing it. So to help you stay dedicated to completing your workout you will need:


  1. Ice-cream sticks (you can buy these, you don’t have to eat a thousands ice-creams to get them 😛 )
  2. Fine liner pen
  3. Highlighters
  4. Prestick/glue

This craft is very simple to do. You take as many ice-creams sticks as you want and write “workout # (number)” on each stick. After you have done as many workouts as you want to complete, you can then stick them up on a wall or put them in a jar when you have completed them. This may be a very simple thing to do, but I promise you it will work on your subconscious and you WILL workout! 🙂 BUT this is not only for winter, summer may be around the corner for you so this will help you stay dedicated to working on that summer body too!

I hope this helps you stay motivated! And happy Humpday!



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