Whilst we travel, our bodies are under a lot of stress. From getting to the airports on time, to remembering what to pack, we can sometimes forget to look after our health in the process.
I have some tips and tricks to share with you, so you can stay healthy, hydrated and comfortable whist you are travelling.


1. Have breakfast prepared the night before you leave. You can make delicious, healthy, breakfasts on-the-go such as over night oats or smoothies.
2. Stay hydrated! Remember to always have a bottle of water with you whilst you travel. This is very important because flying can make you dehydrated, which leads to headaches and grumpiness 😛
3. Keep snacking. Yep, we all have those moments when you think, “that chocolate cake loos so good right now”, after not eating for an entire flight. Snacking will help you refrain from eating something unhealthy in a moment of weakness 😉 Keep some dried fruit or nuts with you in your handbag/hand luggage, and nibble on them as you wait for your flights.
4. Prepare yourself for the flight. Take book or a few magazines with you on board. Reading is a very good way to pass the time on a flight, you can also watch movies, but why do that when you can rather get inspiration form a magazine, or escape in the novel you are reading? 🙂
5. Dress appropriately! Flights can get very uncomfortable, very quickly! So wear something you know you will be comfy in. Don’t sacrifice your comfort for a cute outfit, when you can look good and be comfy 😛 Also remember to prepare ahead for wherever you are landings weather.

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I hope this advice comes in handy and that you have safe travels whenever you travel! 🙂 I love travelling, and I can’t travel without my Women’s Health Magazine or Coffee 😛




(photos taken from weheartit)

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