Music is a very personal thing to me. I don’t have only one favourite genre, or style, but if I dislike a certain artist/genre – I REALLY dislike them 😛 working out to music is a very important motivational factor for me. if you gym in silence, you focus on your breathing and how you are feeling the whole time, whereas if you are listening to your favourite songs then you might feel more energised, and end up pushing yourself to your limits.


I don’t generally listen to MY music when I go to gym, but I do try and listen to the music that is playing and work my best to reach my goal for that workout 🙂 If you have difficulty running for a long time, you should try making a playlist of music that makes you feel good. For me this would mainly be house music or deep house. The main reason for this would be that I love the way the music has a rhythmic beat. This is really helpful when you are concentrating and doing a long distance run. It also helps me because I can think while I’m running, and not get distracted by the music.


My favourite music at the moment includes The Chain Smokers – Roses, Audio Engine – When I’m With You and DJ Snake – Middle.


Music really can be the difference between a great workout and a sh*tty one 😛 So get that playlist going and push yourself to your limits!

This is also a technique that crossfit boxes use whilst they are working out, there is always loud, motivating music pumping during a workout!


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