Hello my lovelies!

I do apologise for being so quiet lately, however I had a busy weekend with my 21st birthday party 😛 So I am back! And I want to talk about beating the cold that comes with the change of seasons. I am stuck in a stuffy lecture room all day everyday at varsity, so the common cold is very easily spread in those conditions 🙁 I would really like to be outside rather, but such is life! I know that many people are also stuck in offices and other places while the seasons are changing, be it from hot to cold or cold to hot, there will always be an outbreak of colds and flus.


Today I am going to share with you my top tips for not getting sick!


  1. DO NOT SHARE FOOD/DRINKS! Yes, people will call you mean 😉 but at least you will stay healthy!
  2. Take vitamins every morning.
  3. Don’t exercise if you have a sore throat or head.
  4. Keep you green vegetable intake high! Green, Lean and Mean 😛
  5. Wash your hands after touching door handles etc… or carry hand sanitiser with you.



I hope you beat the cold’s and flu’s this year!


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