If you have not had a Lush experience yet, you really need to! Lush is a skin care and cosmetics shop which sells products that are environmentally friendly AND they are against animal testing 🙂 Every time I have visited a Lush store (in South Africa) the people have always been super helpful and friendly.

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Because of their lovely customer service, I have made them my go-to shop for birthday gifts and other occasions, such as mothers day coming up – just saying 😉 But I am not saying that I only support them because of their customer service, no, no. I am in LOVE with their product – Mask of Magnaminty. Having had skin problems basically all my life, I have never found a product that clears up my skin like this one. I only use it once a week, and it really works!

I might try out the coffee mask next (come on Lush SA, what do you say? 😉 ) but I would definitely recommend this mask for anyone who suffers from outbreaks. It leaves the skin feeling so refreshed and smooth afterwards. 🙂

So I have lots of love for Lush – Go check them out Lush SA 😀 (Lush is an international store as well, so you can get their products all over the world! )


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