I have not been one to believe in keeping a food diary, mainly because it causes people to think about food all the time which makes them eat more food. With this in mind, I decided that I would make a weeks food diary, so that its more of a ‘plan’ of what I am going to eat, instead of writing something down overtime I eat. 🙂


Tracking what you eat is a very important part of staying healthy. If you are not thinking about what you are consuming, then you won’t really know why you feel the way you do, or why you are picking up/losing weight. I haven’t been eating as cleanly as I want to for the past few days, so this will help me stay on track to eat clean. Planning your meals ahead is also a very good way to stay healthy because you don’t get to say you haven’t planned to eat anything, therefore you can’t eat something easy thats unhealthy.

This week I have been eating more or less the same things everyday, so I won’t have much of a variety:


  • 1 handful of raw oats in boiling water, with milk and protein powder.

Raw oats are very good for your heart, although they are carbs, they are the good type of carbs. They help clean out the arteries and keep your heart healthy as well as give you the energy you need for your day.


  • 1 egg/ salad with a protein.

The reason I have not had big lunches this week is because I have the flu, so I don’t need as much energy as I do when I am training.


  • Salad with a protein.

Supper always varies from day to day. However it is standard that I always have one piece of protein (chicken breast or steak) with a salad. This meal will slowly change into the more wintery dishes like soups and stews because of the chase in season.


It is important to note that I do have a sneaky snack or two during the day 😛 But the basic foods that I consume are not a lot of carbs and as much protein that is possible. I rarely eat sugary foods or even put sugar in my coffee, but I do like to have honey now and again.

Happy Humpday Fitfam 😛



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