At the beginning of every month, Stellenbosch has a first Thursday Vintage market at Trumpet Tree πŸ™‚ The market is based around selling vintage clothes, shoes and accessories! Yesterday was one of the first Thursdays of the month so I went to the market to check it out πŸ˜›


As you get to Trumpet Tree, the market starts in the entrance area and continues towards the back. The clothes that they had on sale where jerseys, jackets, coats, trench coats, maxi dresses, denim jackets and denim shorts and jeans. The shoes on sale were very old fashioned shoes, as well as the accessories. One thing that caught my eye was the fact that there were old records on sale too, I thought that was pretty cool πŸ™‚

The prices of the clothing varies from R300 to R30 depending on the vendor and the style of clothing. I found the market was REALLY busy and over crowded, so if you do think of going you must go there with a purpose to buy something. Lets just say its not a browsing kind of market πŸ˜› But the clothes on sale were of good quality, and trending right now πŸ™‚


IMG_5294Β IMG_5291Β These are some of the jackets and jerseys that were available. You can see that there are knitted jerseys, trench coats and bomber jackets πŸ™‚ I personally would buy the knitted jerseys for the cold winter we have coming ! I love snuggling up in a big jersey in winter!





Here we have some good old fashioned mom jeans πŸ˜› Haha! I wouldn’t really wear mom jeans, but they had a very cute little flower detail on the back pockets that I thought was very trendy right now πŸ™‚





So as you can see it was SOOOOOOOOO crowded! People definitely go there with a purpose to buy something! One thing that was disappointing was the fact that they had advertised that there would be card machines available, however when we got there we were told that they were only taking cash πŸ™ Thats the one thing that they must work on for next time! And to end off your shopping you can take a table at the restaurant, Trumpet Tree, and have a pizza and drinks to end off the afternoon πŸ™‚

Definitely an event to go to if you are in Stellies! Remember its only on on the first Thursday of every month !


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