YAY! One place on my Adventure List has been ticked off! 😀 My best friend and I went to explore the amazing farm Babylonstoren. Babylonstoren is a wine and fruit farm on the Klapmuts road in Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa. I cannot actually put into words the beauty of it, the farm has a variety of shops, restaurants, a wine tasting room, spa’s and a hotel on the premises.

It is HUGE! As a place to visit on my adventure list, my best friend and I decided to visit the farm and walk around the magnificent gardens for the day. The gardens are absolutely beautiful! We spent about two hours walking around taking photos 😛 Make no mistake, these are not your usual gardens. These gardens are full of interesting plants including a bunch of fruits, vegetables and herbs. This is a great family venue as well, as the gardens are also full of interesting little path ways, hidden bridges and swings that make it a lot of fun to explore.


There are two restaurants that you can choose from, The Babel Restaurant and the Green House restaurant. The Babel Restaurant is a more formal/fancy venue where as The Green House one is very informal and family friendly. I would definitely recommend anyone who visits Cape Town for a holiday, or even if you live in Cape Town, to make the trip to Babylonstoren! It is a MUST for anyone who loves the outdoors and beauty of nature.

We had such an eventful day outside exploring the gardens and seeing so many weird and wonderful plants. One particular plant that we found interesting were these hanging melons 😛 I have no idea what they actually are, but the archway that was made by them is amazing.


I hope you have all had a great weekend 🙂 Don’t forget to go outside for a walk or run, even if its a bit cold, get the creative juices flowing and blood pumping! Live Healthy, Live Happy 🙂

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