Hello my lovelies! I hope you are having a great week, and just a little reminder – it is almost half way through the year! 😛 How crazy is that ?!

So remember all those goals you set at the beginning of the year? It might have been a new years resolution or it might have been a lifestyle change that you aimed to make, nonetheless you have HALF THE YEAR left to fulfil them! I know you are probably thinking ‘wow thats a long time’, but just think about how quickly the first half of the year has gone by.


This is your official WAKE UP CALL!!!!

This is the time of the year where you can sit down and reassess your goals. You can think about where you are at in your life and if your goals are actually relevant to what you want to achieve. I did this the other day by setting myself short term and long term goals 🙂 This is just a great way to put something into perspective with regards to time and effort. It is important that you don’t set yourself impossible goals to reach because that can discourage you!

I LOVE planning things in my life, so goal setting comes along with that, but if you aren’t much of a planner you should make the effort to sit down and write your goals down on paper. A goal written down turns into an action plan 😀 And remember, your goals will constantly be changing. Thats ok! As long as you are better for it, and reaching for a bigger and better dream!

I know my goals are constantly moving forward, and sometimes it is difficult to realise that you have made progress, but you have to push through with whatever you are doing. Nothing worth doing is ever easy! I hope this little reminder has woken you up, and that you have new found determination to be a goal digger 😛



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