Who is ready to smash this week with me?! 😀 This is a bit of a motivation Monday post to start you off on a positive note this week 🙂 For those of us in the southern hemisphere – WINTER IS HERE! And it’s brining fat with it. No scratch that, it’s brining hot chocolate, movie nights and being lazy with it!

NO – winter is NOT an excuse to gain weight, and here is why:

Our bodies have to generate more heat to keep us warm during these cold months, which means that we need more blood flow around the body to keep us from getting frost bite 😛 People tend to stop moving around as much as they normally would when it gets cold, which is one of the contributing factors towards weight gain. Just because it is cold, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for that run, or go to the gym! We also like to eat yummy, warm, hearty meals in winter which, for some odd reason, makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside 😉 Having ‘winter weight’ is just an excuse for people to stop exercising and start eating more!

Here is why you SHOULD move your body when its cold:

Moving your body when its cold means getting the blood pumping. This is a good way to warm up when you are really cold, and it forces the blood to all parts of the body which improves circulation. I have a weird circulation problem called ‘winter fingers’, this is when blood doesn’t reach my fingers as much in winter as it does in summer. So going for a run or working out helps my circulation, and gets blood to the tips of my fingers 🙂 I know we all love lazing around in winter, watching movies or sleeping in really late, but don’t let the cold get the better of you and stop you from reaching your goals!

Summer bodies are made in winter 😉 Remember that!


  • 10 burpees
  • 10 squats
  • 10 contain climbers

Do this little workout 5 times when you are feeling ‘too cold to move’ and see how you feel afterwards 🙂 I can almost guarantee you will feel 100 times better, and ready for the day!


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Thanks for the motivation! It’s summer where I am, but I can still totally relate!


Ah you are lucky! I miss summer 🙁

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