Happy humpday everyone! 😛 Today I had my last exam for the semester, and I am finally on holiday! 😀 It’s getting really cold these mornings, but I am going to force myself out of bed to reach my goals.

My best friend and I have decided to do a 30 day challenge of clean eating, with a legs and abs challenge. This challenge is just to start us off on our clean eating again, purely because we have both been studying for exams, and we have not had the best eating habits. This is due to the amounts of stress and just not being disciplined enough, I know this happens to everyone once in a while and there is nothing wrong with it, but its time to get those bodies in shape!


So if you want to follow along, I am going to post the challenge here 😛

The basic rules are that we are not allowed any sugar or carbs (simply carbs) and every weekday we have a Green Smoothie to kick start our day!


Every Monday will be a ‘meat free’ Monday. So we have decided to have NO meat on Mondays.

Every Tuesday is a ‘dairy free’ Tuesday. This means NO milk, cheese, yogurt, cream etc.

Every Wednesday is a ‘animal product free’ Wednesday. So we are basically vegan on Wednesdays! If anyone has any yummy vegan recipes please share them with me!

Every Thursday is ‘white meat free’ Thursday. This is going to be my favourite day because we can have bacon in our salads 😛

Every Friday we are allowed the choice of any salad or vegetables with a protein. This day isn’t a restricted day.

Saturdays and Sundays we are having eggs or yogurt with fruit for breakfast to change it up. The main challenge of this meal plan is having no sugar and carbs whatsoever.


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So excited to do this challenge with my best friend ?????

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