Hello my beautiful people. I know I’ve been a bit quiet for the last week and a bit, but I have been SO busy and SICK!


I was approaching my 4th week of training and eating clean when boom. Disaster struck. I was man-down in bed for a whole week with some sort of glandular infection! 🙁 It was the worst. I had to stay in bed, get two injection’s in my bum and I wasn’t able to complete my week 4 of training 🙁

As you can imagine, this has made me so demotivated and taken some of my fitness that I had gained, away. But I’m here to tell you – LIFE HAPPENS. We cannot change it, we cannot control it. So instead of being my usual uptight self, I have decided to make the mentally healthy choice and let it be.


Something that has really sunk in this weekend is that no matter where you are in your fitness journey, there will ALWAYS be ups and downs. No matter if you have just started out, or if you are competing in bikini competitions, you will always have the sick weeks and the demotivated weeks. The most important part of leading a healthy lifestyle, is the fact that you can get up after those bad weeks, and keep going 🙂

Thats exactly what I am gonna do. Get up, dust myself off, and head to the gym. 🙂
Plus having positive friends, who support you no matter what, helps a lot too 😉


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