Hello beautiful people! We almost have only two months left of 2016, how insane is that?! Another year has flown by, and now its time to see if you have reached your goals.

A lot of us set ‘new years resolutions’ to lose weight or become healthier, but the real question is did you ever achieve that goal? Most people fall off the rails in the winter months when it comes to losing weight, and then panic hits when summer is on its way. But it shouldn’t have to be like this! Yes, we ALL put on more weight in the winter, this is usually due to comfort food and not wanting to workout because its too cold, but this doesn’t have to ruin your healthy lifestyle.

For those of us in the soutIMG_4968hern hemisphere, its getting nice and warm! Beach days are here and everyone is freaking out to get their beach-body ready šŸ˜› But, I am going to give you some tips for the year to come, or for those in the northern hemisphere heading into winter, that may help you keep that summer-ish body more or less in check in the winter so you don’t have to freak out by the time you want to hit the beach šŸ™‚

The number one reason people fail to reach their body goal is because they are IMPATIENT. We want to see results right away, and the reality is that you won’t. It takes at leat 4 weeks to see a small change in the body, and that’s if you are being very strict with diet and exercise.

It’s the little things here and there that add up to a whole lot in the end. You know what I mean šŸ˜› ‘Just one bar of chocolate won’t hurt, right?’ WRONG. You need to shock your system when you eat something bad in order for it to have a positive effect on your weight. This means you have to eat very healthily for at least 14 days before having a cheat meal. This then shocks your metabolism to fire up and burn the calories, which in turn actually helps you lose fat. BUT it only works is you eat very healthily before and after the cheat meal.

Anyone can go to the gym for an hour of the day, it depends how you utilise your time there and what you nourish your body with that makes the difference. So here are some tips to help you keep your goals in reach throughout the year:

  1. Eat similar meals everyday, i.e.: the same breakfast/lunch everyday.
  2. Cut out sugar completely! If you need to sweeten something try use honey instead.
  3. Only eat complex carbs before 4 in the afternoon.
  4. Do not eat 2-4 hours before bed.
  5. Have a cheat meal every 14 days to shock your metabolism.
  6. Drink 8 or more glasses of water a day.
  7. Do high intensity exercises and plyometrics – this will help burn fat.
  8. BE PATIENT. Consistency and discipline is key.

Happy Thursday Peeps šŸ™‚


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