Happy New Year! Another year done and dusted, are you ready for 2017? 😀



I know that most people are happy to see 2016 come to a close due to financial struggles, loss of loved ones and more, but I personally don’t feel that this past year was that bad. Yes, it wasn’t easy – because life never is – but it was one full of life lessons and opportunities that have prepared me for a new perspective in 2017.

I’ve learnt that people change. Even if you try your best to be in someones life, sometimes it’s better to stop trying so hard and step back. I will not entertain any form of toxic relationships this year!

Appreciate those who mean a lot to you. This year I got to meet a very special person who has been there for me throughout the year, friends like these are the ones who you need to look after – don’t neglect someone who always there for you. img_9741

Decisions. Now, I am probably the most indecisive person out there, but in saying that I have learnt to make a decision and stick to it. If you make a commitment to something/someone then stay true to that commitment.

Let go of past events that have hurt you. If someone hurt you this past year, or in previous years, LET IT GO. This is something that I have had to concentrate on doing in order to move forward and be happy. Forgiving someone for hurting you can be difficult, especially if they don’t even know it, but letting it go can be the best thing for your own emotional state.

And finally stop ‘people pleasing’. Gosh, this one gets me! I have the seriously BAD habit of doing something that I actually don’t want to be doing for the sake of someone else. Im not saying go and be a selfish person who does everything for themselves, but at the same time don’t feel that you have to do something just because someone else wants you to.

How about you simply devote this year to loving yourself more?

Here’s to 2017, may it be a great year!



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