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Let’s talk about the twenties. The years of believing you’re immortal and that you can take on the world, the years where you are at your prime, and hormones are flying around left right and centre! But, more significantly, the years where you’re supposed to ‘sort out your future’, get a job, settle down, blaaah blah blah… When in reality I’m dealing with my twenties the way I’m dealing with balancing a pineapple on my head 😛


Yes, while I totally agree with the above statements, I think that we are ruining our twenties by not exploring life as we should be.


Firstly, we are taking fewer risks. Being in your twenties is being in the prime of your life, why are we not taking full advantage of that? This is the time of life where we need to explore life to know what we want out of it. Do everything you’ve always dreamed of doing, before you settle down and have a steady job, stop waiting for the ‘right moment’ – you make the moment right.

The Lack of Ambition. Now this is a biggie for me. Yeah you enjoy chilling on the weekend with mates, going out and blowing all your money on festivals and drinks. But what about a few years from now when you want that new car? Nice apartment? Or even first pet? (yes, that is a goal of mine 😀 ) Wouldn’t you want to have rather saved some of that money for these things? Personally, I’d rather be working hard at gym than getting drunk in the clubs, I’d rather go on a hike with mates than spend the day hungover on the couch. Having ambition in your twenties is SO important to BE more and DO more with your future.


Stepping outside our comfort zone. The best thing that I have done for myself has been stepping out of my comfort zone, so much growth and development came from these moments in my life and have made me a better and stronger person. If your goals don’t scare you then they aren’t big enough. Dream Big! You’ll never know what opportunities may arise or who you’ll meet along the way.

Justifying our actions/choices. “Why did you do that?” – Uhm because its my life, not yours :/ SERIOUSLY, STOP JUSTIFYING YOUR ACTIONS. Do things that make you happy and that will fulfil your life. If your friends or family don’t like it, then they are not supportive. (Unless you’re going down the drain and need an intervention of course 😛 ) I’m not saying be a cold hearted bitch about anything, but don’t feel the need to always explain yourself to people. I have personally experienced this, and it is exhausting like you have noooo idea. You do you!

Being glued to our screens. Aaaaahhhh – rip my hair out noooow. We seek way too much validation from likes and followers on Instagram (me included, being a blogger and all), and how many messages we receive a day. Have you ever just looked up and realised how many people are wasting daylight on their phones? Now, this fact is just scary. We even have dating apps because people can’t be human enough to go out there and meet someone in real life?! Let that sink in for a second… I urge you to look up, turn your phone off and actually have a conversation with someone. The numbers on your screen will not validate your worth, the people behind those numbers do not matter. It’s the people in front of us that matter the most, and we’re losing touch with them because of being in touch with our social media.

a58cede440a7d46b8ea67356b4dbc317Communication. I’ll admit I am still working on this one. But the point is that I am working on it. If you want something, then say it! If you never ask then the answer will always be no. We must stop being afraid of telling people how we really feel, speaking your mind can be the most raw form of authenticity. Even if the other person doesn’t like what you’re saying, at least you are being true to yourself and speaking your mind. The worst thing you can do to yourself is leave the question “what if” hanging over your head for the rest of your life. Ask, ask, ask!

Live life in your twenties courageously, do what you want to do, explore every option, look up from your phone, find the real connections.

Have a magical weekend !


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I love this! I definitely need to work on being more upfront and forward with my decisions as well, instead of constantly finding reasons behind why I did what I did

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