Helloooo humans!

I’m here to give you some wisdom (jk, just my opinion really) , about lifting weight’s vs doing cardio. If you follow me on instagreezy, you’ll know that I love my trail running and I like to lift heavy, but lately I haven’t been doing either exclusively. I’ve been doing a whole lot of functional training, ya know, just casually flipping tyres and stuff 😉


But in all seriousness, the changes I have seen in my body are INSANE! And it’s not like I have been eating super clean either, I’m just pushing my body to the limits every time I train.

So, back to the topic – Weight’s vs Cardio.

Weight’s are amazing for building muscle AND burning fat. You do not need to do huge amounts of cardio to burn fat, lifting heavy weights will burn it for you. However, if you want to be a lean bean, cardio is the way to go!



Many people think you have to ONLY do cardio, or ONLY do weights in order to gain muscle/lose fat, but the truth is that you can do both. In fact, you SHOULD do both. This brings me back to my comment about functional training. Use what you have and build from there, while I was doing a lot of weights I couldn’t even lift my own bodyweight. But since I’ve been doing functional, bodyweight training, I can do more pull-up’s than I’ve ever been able to in my life! So I don’t understand why there is a competition between whether you should do cardio or weights. Do both – your body will thank you.

And thats all from me folks!

Look out for a launch Im doing soon, and some vids to come !


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I enjoy doing both – I find some months I love cardio so I do lots, other months it’s just a pre-lifting warm-up! Keeping my eyes peeled for your launch!


I know what you mean! For me it really depends on my goals at the time 🙂 Yes, stay tuned… should be launching by the end of Sept 😉

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