Hello my lovely people!

I cannot believe how quickly this year is going by already! SO much has happened in my life, and I’ve already learnt so many new things. I have recently moved out of home, whoop whoop adulting hard 😉 , and I have moved to a new campus to continue my studies. But besides from moving out and meeting a bunch of new people, I have realised the importance of switching up my workout routine and sticking to my routine.

Routine is so so important when you are trying to reach a goal! I have fallen off the rails or failed to reach my goals so many times because I just don’t stick to my routine. In order to overcome these challenges, I have developed some tips that have helped me to stick to my schedule.


Print out a routine and stick it on your wall.

I have literally written out all of my workouts, and stuck them up on the wall so that everyday I wake up, I can see what I have to do for that day and I can stick to it.

Train with someone who has similar goals as you.

I don’t necessarily train with anyone at the moment (having moved and all), but when I had a gym partner, I always made sure I was on time and at the gym killing my session 😛 Right now I am focussing on self discipline which is very good to have when you really are serious about your goals.

Prepare your meals in advance.

Most people don’t really understand this concept, but diet really is the most important part of having a healthy lifestyle and reaching your goals. If you eat crap – you will feel like crap! My roommate and I have committed to doing meal prep every Sunday and Wednesday of the week, and it really helps me stick to eating healthy and planning in advance. The more positive thoughts you have, the more positivity will come your way-2

Surround yourself with like-minded people.

Since I have made the move to a different campus, I can already see that my attitude towards reaching my goals has changed. The people I am surrounded by everyday are all positive and are striving towards a goal and a healthier lifestyle, so this really motivates me to want to do more! If you surround yourself with negative people, then negativity will come your way. Be mindful of who you spend your time with.

I hope you have all had a beautiful month of LOVE so far 🙂


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