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Getting engaged is one of those special lifetime events that every girl dreams of! But between the stress of planning the perfect wedding and trying to please everyone, your health can take a back seat.

Luckily, the Wedding Ready Bride Guide is here to help you manage your wedding planning AND keep you fit and healthy along the way!

What can you expect from the guide?SODA

  • A bridal timeline, reminding you when you should have what done along the way.
  • Nutritional guidelines to help you make the right food choices and avoid stress eating.
  • 4 workouts per week – little/no equipment needed AND you can do them anywhere!
  • Support from yours truly online and a community of brides working towards the same goal!

This guide is for anyone at any fitness level and it has shown amazing results within just the first month! But most importantly it is about YOU feeling and looking amazing on your special day and starting your new life the fittest and healthiest way!

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