Coconut Lamingtons

With easter coming up, I know most of us are going to make the unhealthy choices and eat all the yummy chocolate easter eggs and bunnies all weekend 😉 But for those who want to stay as healthy as possible, here is a little lamington recipe that will keep your sweet tooth cravings in check! … Continue Reading

Protein Banana Loaf

If you love nana bread put yo hands up! I am an absolute addict to banana bread, so instead of making the good old fashioned banana bread, here is a healthy version! YAY! Credit must be given to Max from @sugarfreesundays for the inspo, but this recipe is slightly different. Ingredients: 200g banana (overripe and … Continue Reading

Choc-chip Nana Protein Muffins

These chocolate banana protein muffins are thee best go-to breakfast/snack when you are on the go! Plus they can be stored really well in the fridge or frozen until you want to eat them, not that you’ll even get the chance to keep them for that long 😉 Ingredients: 200g banana (over-ripe and smashed) 2 … Continue Reading